Hair diagnosis

You had problems with your hair for some time and these problems persist despite trying different treatments and products? Your problem is probably getting worse, you quickly want a solution that is really adapted and that guarantees results. It is now time to meet a real Norgil hair specialist at Victoriaville clinic to obtain a diagnosis of hair and personalized advice. Thanks to our professional and attentive listening to the customer and our equipment at the cutting edge of technology, expert you consult will identify the problem within 60 minutes of your time. It will get as much information about your problem and carry out specific tests, tailored to your needs. These tests will be selected from a wide range including, among others, capilloscopie the densitometry analysis of bulbs and Trichogramma. Our expert of the hair clinic of Victoriaville will tell you the cause of your problem, you can choose together the most appropriate care and will provide all necessary tips for a successful treatment. In case of very advanced problem, come see us to preserve the health of your hair.

You can also check with our hair expert center of Victoriaville at what level is the importance that you attach to your hair. A strong motivation of the patient is indeed usually a guarantee of better results.